From a technical standpoint, Trant Corporation performs in an effective and professional manner. With a combined 55 years of experience in traffic and civil engineering, Trant Corporation possesses the knowledge and contacts to get the job done. Each project is given individual attention to ensure the client is given a top priority and excellent service. In providing our services, each project is given individual attention to ensure technical expertise and initiatives.


What sets Trant Corporation apart is our policy of considering clients' needs in the management of a project and in providing our engineering services. In addition to the purely technical aspects of a project, Trant Corporation recognizes the need for proper management and the necessary coordination between client and manager. Along side proper communication with local and state government agencies, to ensure the project is completed efficiently and effectively. Toward this end, intangibles have been considered as a means to expedite the project and enhance overall services.


  • Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh (BAMP)
  • National Association of Office and Industrial Properties (NAIOP)
  • American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE)
  • American Public Works Association (APWA)

  • Various Chambers of Commerce
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)
  • Society of Military Engineers (SAME)
  • PA Society of Land Surveyors (PSLS)
  • Constructors Association of West PA (CAWP)

                     TRANT CORPORATION continues to offer ways where we can improve                       management to better serve the needs of our clients.